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Reflective Polarizing Sheet

Where to buy reflective polarizer film at the lowest price?

3Dlens supplies the highest quality reflective polarizing film in a various sizes with superior extinction ratio of unpolarized light in the range of wavelength 400~700nm.

Our LCD reflective film is a linear polarizer with a silver aluminum reflector sheet on the back side. It means a regular polarizer with a LCD reflective backing.

This mirror reflective polarizer usually adheres the back of LCD which has no backlight behind the screen.

This silver LCD reflective film can reflect all the natural sunlight and you can see the screen clearly without any light source from the back such as the back side panel of the calculator, speedometer and Nintendo Game & Watch.

3Dlens have passed the reflective polarizer test with temperature, heat, moisture and cold resistance.

These reflective polarizer film sheets can be easily cut with scissors or a paper cutter.

RoHS compliant. HS code: 900120
» Reflective Polarizer Film
Product ID RP200A
Reflective Polarizer Film 200x250mm with Adhesive
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  • Size: 200mm x 250mm
  • Type: Reflective polarizer film
  • Transmittance: single(42%) ; crossed(0%)
  • Color: neutral gray
  • Polarizing efficiency: 99.99%
  • Polarization axis: 200mm
  • Wavelength: 380~700nm
  • UV-Cut: Yes
  • Thickness: 0.28mm
  • Direction: linear
  • Durability: 60°C/90%RH/500hours
  • Cold resistance: -50℃/500hours
  • Heat resistance: 95°C/dry/500hours
  • Adhesive glue: Yes
  • Protective film: both sides
  • Polarizing layer and silver reflective layer are already made and glued together.
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