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Anti-glare 8 inch LCD Polarizing Sheet

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Polarizing plate exchange repair result

- 2012/09/02

The purchased polarizing plate was used for polarizing plate repair exchange of LCD of an oscilloscope.
Although the oscilloscope has been used made in China for about four years, these days, in the spot of about about 2 - 5 mm of diameters, about 20 pieces and a middle-of-the-screen part nebula-ize on a screen, and waveform observation becomes difficult to be made on it.
When the screen was well seen with the power supply OFF, it turned out that they are the abnormalities (aged deterioration ?) of the polarizing plate of LCD.
LCD was a product made from Panasonic of Japan.
Since maker repair was impossible (connection is impossible even if it investigates in a network), it was presupposed to it that exchange repair is carried out by itself.
Two polarizing plates were purchased and used one sheet for examination of exchange repair, and training.
It has fixed so that it could eventually be used somehow, but as compared with what has before [ good ] repair, ? viewing angle became narrow at about 15 to 20 degrees.
The improvement whose problem it is [ problem ] these two with weak (a screen is light) ? contrast is adjustment of a graphic processing circuit and which is more than this since there is no adjustment portion and there is also no circuit diagram, although I think that a grade improvement can be carried out was given up.
It is pleased, if there is an improvable method and it will teach and get.
Since I purchased the polarizing plate from your company, I appreciate that the oscilloscope has been relieved.


- 2012/01/05

Great linear polarizer for LCD repair. Shipping was quick.

Good Quality LCD Polarizer

- 2011/11/08

Thank you for quick delivery. Product is verry useful and good quality.

Excellent LCD Polarizer

- 2010/10/25

No problems, item was with me here in the uk within 7 days. Excellent quality product, i bought this to repair a soundgraph imon lcd screen that came in my antec case, its done the job well!

5 Stars!

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